Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Getting Back...

It seems like forever since I've made a post. We are finally getting back to some normal activities after the storm. We were very fortunate that mom and dad brought us a generator on Wednesday night (we lost power Tuesday night) so we had heat and lights as well as water in the house. Since the house and the church share the well, the church also had water and flushing toilets very early on. Because of that we were able to keep our fellowship hall open with a few heaters going from the generator to provide a warm place as well as water for people to drink and carry home with them. As the word got out several from the church showed up to help and by combining the contents of our kitchens we were able to offer two hot meals and a hot breakfast open to those passing by. We didn't feed huge crowds but it was a great time of fellowship and there was really a feeling of family among the group. We really got to know some of our neighbors. It is sad it takes a national disaster to force us to do that.

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