Friday, February 29, 2008

36 Week Visit

Went to the doctor again yesterday. Of course at this point you're hoping he will say pack your bags it looks close but he just said everything looked good and see ya next week. So we keep waiting...the baby hasn't dropped yet so I can't say I'm surprised. We had a good birthing class this week too. We were the only couple there so it was very personalized. We got to tour the birthing center and heard about all the policies and procedures. The have wireless internet :) so we'll be able to get those first pictures out quickly I hope.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beautiful Baby Shower in Kevil

My cousin Sharon hosted a shower for us at her new home in Kevil on Sunday. It was a nice time with aunts and cousins. We received so many nice gifts. I think we have almost everything to get started. We enjoyed a delicious dessert buffet of chocolate goodies. What more could a group of women want! We also had some great activities including birthday cards for Riley through her 18th year (what a neat idea) and everyone took home some scrapbook pages to send back for Riley's scrapbook. It was a great time and I had some good helpers. Including Joseph (Brad & Carrie's 2yr old) and new cousin Eli (Brian and Sandra's little boy). Unfortunately Miss AnnaMaria missed her photo shoot. She was napping on Grandma Janice's lap.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Birthing Class

We finally went to our first birthing class this week. After listening to much whining, I think it wasn't as bad as Tim had imagined it would be. We got out of class a little early so that helped. Now Tim likes to tell everyone he is an expert on breastfeeding!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Farm Show

We had a good time at the National Farm Machinery Show again this year. Weather was fairly mild and we enjoyed visiting with friends and seeing the latest and greatest in farm equipment. Probably the most notable item I saw were old sewing machines that someone had converted into toy tractors. They were selling for about $150 so I certainly didn't buy one but they were interesting. They also had a child's pedal combine complete with header trailor but I didn't get a picture of that one. It was quite expensive too. We also saw a slide show of tractor tragedies put on by Opti-Crop that was facinating and drawing quite a crowd. It was a compilation of their "picture of the month" from several years. It can be found online at We also attend the tractor pulls but they were pretty calm. Good ole green won most of the classes. We only saw one broken crank shaft and one blown engine that started a small fire but it was out in a few minutes. Other than that it was pretty uneventful.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moving Day!

Tim was able to move in to his newly completed office yesterday. We had a great crew of men from the church who helped move and assemble the furniture. My mom and dad also came and helped. Mom helped me finish up some cleaning projects that I really wanted done including cleaning out the old office so we could store some things in there to make more baby room in the house. Dad helped move furniture and fixed our storm door and toilet that had some minor ongoing malfunctions for some time now. I think I was most excited about getting the toilet fixed!

Tim was thrilled to get things setup in the office. He has room for everything now and a great place to meet with people. He even let me take his picture!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Baby Name

We think maybe we've finally come up with a baby name although we reserve the right to change our mind :) But since we have no other real prospects at the time I imagine this will be it. Riley Lynn is what we've chosen. Riley is somewhat in memory of Tim's good friend HL Riley who passed away from a sudden heartattack a few years ago and Lynn because both mom and I have that for our middle names.

33 Week Visit

Went back to the doctor yesterday. He said everything looked fine. Nothing to report really. I have one more two week visit and then I'll go every week after that. We start birthing classes next week so I'm sure there will be some funny stories to post from that!

Monday, February 4, 2008

WOW! What a Baby Shower

The churches hosted a baby shower for us on Sunday afternoon and it was amazing. The food and decorations were so beautiful and we had so many people who came out and brought gifts that we feel very blessed. We know there were at least 60 people there and many who couldn't come left or sent gifts with others so I think our little girl is going to be set with all she needs. I've included some pictures but they don't really do it justice, there was such a wonderful abundance. I had many little helpers among the little girls in attendance. They were so cute. The women of the churches outdid themselves with the wonderful food and decorations. Julie was a big help documenting all of the gifts and helping get everyone into the house to tour the nursery. Mom played hostess at the house I think while I finished up at the shower and we were lucky to have Tim's parents and Dee and Amanda Brasher helping pack everything back to the house. Jacqlyn Walden is to thank for the pictures. She volunteered to take pictures with my camera or I probably wouldn't have any to show!