Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh the Horror!

So this weekend was filled full of all kinds of terrible things. First...trick or treating! Someone gave us a costume so we thought we might run her around to some folks from church and to Gran's since it was his birthday. A couple of people we wanted to visit live in Murray so we thought we would start there. Big mistake! After the first two stops we shortened our list in a big way. There were kids everywhere! And not just little ones. High school kids were trick-or-treating and you couldn't even drive down some of the streets there were so many cars blocking the way while the little ones darted in and out of the bushes and across the streets. I just knew Tim's patience with these cars stopped in the middle of the road was going to wear out and he was going to plow someone out of the way. We couldn't even get down one street there were so many cars backed up. I bet in these subdivisions they have to take out a loan just to buy enough candy.

I guess growing up in the country we just didn't do halloween this way. I can remember it usually being late when we finally got in from the field and dressed to go out. By that time of night the only safe places to go were to family so we usually hit Grandma and Grandpa's and sometimes Aunt Jancie's. I think they knew we weren't going many places because they always gave us tons of candy - and not the little bars either...the full size ones! I just hope Riley is content with visiting family and friends because I don't think either of us will go for the door-to-door madness we saw Friday night.

My other frights came on Saturday and Sunday. Because Riley is starting to crawl we put on the door locks for the cabinets. Now everytime I grab a cabinet door I'm met with resistance and that is maddening when I'm in a hurry. And it terrifies me that Riley loves Hee Haw. She will sit and watch it with Tim and never take her eyes off it. She especially likes Grandpa Jones playing the banjo. She was crying Sunday night and Tim turned him on. She stopped crying and set glued to the sights and sounds. I fear they will gang up on me in the future and force me to watch these types of shows that they think are so funny but aren't!
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