Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Riley Has Been Sick...

This picture was taken before the yuckies began. Riley had a fever on Thursday and had to come home from Day Care. I was in Henderson and Tim was in a funeral so thank goodness for Donna and Glynis who managed to get her taken care of until we could get home. We basically thought she was teething since there weren't other symptoms. We finally took her to the dr. yesterday when she broke out in a rash and was still running a temp. Come to find out she had two ear infections and something called Fifth Disease. It is pretty mild and accounts for the fever and sore throat. We go an antibiotic for the infections. Grammy (my mom) is keeping her today and we're hoping she will be feeling better soon.
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Laura said...

Poor thing! It's hard to see someone so cute and "defenseless" get sick! I dread those days when you just can't make it better!!

Get better soon Riley!