Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reese & Riley

We went to Illinois this weekend to meet our newest family member Reese. We go a few pictures of her and Riley together but she was asleep for most of it. She is adorable. We are looking forward to lots of playtime between the two. Riley got her picture made with Grandpa in the combine. The buddy seat has a seat belt so Riley will have a great place to ride this fall. We also got a picture of her with Uncle Jesse at their house. We didn't get any pictures but Riley also got to meet Alexus who was born in late January. Her dad and I are first cousins. Riley enjoyed playing with Alexus' big brother Joseph. He had a lot of great toys and was so sweet to play with her.

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Laura said...

wow! Reese is so little! You guys have a lot of little ones in the family now!