Friday, December 5, 2008


Sorry it has been so long since we've made a post. We've had a fair amount of craziness. We survived the holiday last week and I've included some pictures. Riley with Uncle Jess (my brother), my sister-in-law Ashley with Grandma Storey and Riley with Granpa-Great. They were both sporting their Osh-Kosh overalls. Riley's were a gift from Gran-Danny Cunningham. We had two good holiday meals on Thanksgiving but are quickly discovering that making two holiday meals in two different states in one day is not that easy. I think Tim and I were almost too tired to eat by the time we made the rounds but we managed as the scales are reminding me.

This week has been a blur. We've had play practice, music practice and unfortunately a funeral as Ms. May Ruth Sheridan from our church passed away. She was a wonderful lady and loved our family very much. We appreciated her years of service to the church. We've also been getting ready for the Live Nativity that starts tonight. Tim is chairman of the cluster of churches that puts this on and I'm in charge of our churches' scene so we've both been working on this. Riley has had a fever for a couple of days but we think we've decided she is teething. She has a faint outline of a tooth that is trying to poke through. I stayed home with her yesterday but she has been fever free so she is back at daycare today. Mom and Dad are coming in this afternoon to stay with her tonight and in the morning while we have our float in the parade (another activity this week) and then Tim's parents are keeping her on Saturday while we do a wedding and the second night of the Nativity. If you don't have plans you should make your way to the Expo Center in Murray tonight or tomorrow night between 6-9PM. We even have live camels. And I'll give you a hint, if you come about 8:15 or 8:30 there is usually almost no line waiting!

Maybe I'll have some pictures to post of that event next week.

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