Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Purchase!

Riley has been doing chores at home for the last few weeks and finally saved up enough to buy something she's been wanting for several months.  A mermaid doll from Dollar General.  We bought one as a birthday gift a few months ago and she hadn't forgot how much she wanted one too.

She has three chores she has to do each week - take her dirty clothes to the laundry and sort them, pick up her room and gather the trash from all the small cans in the house.  For this she gets $1.  She saved up for 4 weeks so she would have enough for the $4 mermaid.  (we haven't started talking about tax yet - so that was on me.)

So we get to the store and finally locate the ONLY mermaid left.  It is indeed marked $4 so we head to the checkout.  The girl behind the counter rings it up and it is on sale for $1.  Can you believe it - $1?  Lucky little girl.  So now she has $3 to spare but so far I haven't heard talk of what is next.
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