Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation Trip to Nashville

 We decided at 8:30 on a Thursday morning to make a trip to Nashville during our vacation week and we were in the car by 9:30 headed out.  We took Riley to the Adventure Science Museum and it was definitely worth the visit.  She is sitting in an ambulance that was in their health section.  She had a great time.

We ended up going to see Brave, swimming at the hotel, swimming at Wave Country, going to Opry Mills, staying the night with Tim's cousin and visiting with his family including their little boy, Beckett. 

And last but not least, my baby go her ears pierced!  We went into a jewelry story and she kept wanting to but earrings.  I explained that she didn't have holes in her ears and she said she wanted some.  I explained the process and she wanted to do it.  By the time I got all the papers filled out she was starting to squirm a bit but the girls did it quick and she only cried for about a minute.  She has the cutest Hello Kitty earrings.  I think it was almost a right of passage.  She has had a much more grown-up attitude since. In the picture she is calling the grandparents to tell them.

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