Monday, March 26, 2012

Riley is 4!

 It feels like we celebrated Riley's birthday all week last week.   She is a very lucky girl!  It started the Saturday before her birthday when Grandmama (Tim's mom) took her to Cracker Barrel for pancakes.  I took the picture by the tree on Wednesday (her actual birthday) and she got to have cupcakes at school with her class.  On Friday and Satruday we went to my parents and she got to have cake and pizza with my family in Illinois.  She and Taylor were sporting the green and blue icing from her Cars cake.  Then on Sunday she got to have a princess party with her Sunday School friends at home.  Now that she is completely spoiled rotten we have to try to live with her this week!  She will enjoy riding the 4-wheeler she got from Grammy and Paw Paw this week I'm sure.  I'll post more pics from the 4 wheeler riding and the princess party soon.

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