Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Farm Show

We made it another year to the farm show in Louisville last week. We had a good time. I forgot my good camera so all I had was the cell phone and the pics didn't turn out as great as I wished. The girls had a good time at Red Robin (Yum!) The whole Wilson clan was there on Wednesday and the girls had a good time playing and riding in the double stroller. Riley loved climbing on all the equipment.

We were at one booth and she climbed up on a tractor and started pulling all the levers and "driving". The lady from the company remarked how she'd never seen a little girl jump up and look so comfortable in the tractor seat, that it was usually the boys. She would have been shocked last spring to see Riley driving across the field by herself in the golfcart. She is a little too comfortable if you ask me.

The last pic was pure goofyness. Tim and I were shopping and I saw this hat. Probably something meant to be worn to the KY Derby. It looked like something Cindy Lou Who would be wearing in Whoville. I could resist trying it on and Tim snapped the pic with his phone.

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