Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One is the loneliest number...

And After. Riley and Reese were going to try to ride the ferris wheel at Mule Day this year. All was going well and smiles were all around until the gentleman working the ride snapped in the bar and the seat gave a little swing. You can see from the before pictures that their faces look a little concerned at this point.

Reese got a little scared, either from the sudden jolt or the very friendly ride worker she wasn't so sure about and she got off. But Riley was able to hang in there and even had a smile on her face at the end. Her eyes were big as saucers on the first trip around but after some waving at her, she was able to wave back and smile. I think she had fun. The best part is the huge smile on the face of the ride worker. He was sweet to the girls.
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