Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picking My Battles

I'm quickly learning that with a 2 year old I have to learn to pick my battles...otherwise my day would be one continuous sentence of "No...don't do that." When Riley wanted her Dora jammies instead of her monkey jammies I let her choose. When she wanted to sleep with farm equipment I hesitated, but decided I could let her have that one too.

This past weekend my siblings and I went through our boxes of childhood memories stored in my parent's attic. This combine was one of the toys we found and Riley loves it. She even had to take it to the babysitter's this morning. I'm not sure how a red combine even ended up at my house growing up. I really doubt my dad would have ever bought us anything red so I'm sure it must have been a gift. Fortunatelly, this is modeled after the actual combine that Tim has so I guess we'll let it slide. I think Riley will definitely be a farm girl. Not only does she sleep with a combine, her favorite potty chair reading material is Fastline and Tractorhouse.

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