Monday, June 22, 2009

The Joys of Self-Feeding

Well this Sunday lunch episode resulted in a bath for Riley. She had raviolio's in her hair and all over herself and her high chair seat. I've yet to figure out why towards the end of the meal it makes sense to her to rub her hands in her hair...and then to cry when I try to clean her up. Who knows the mind of a 15 month old! She does attempt to use a spoon at times but often she tends to hold the spoon in one hand while she feeds herself with the other. I took some pictures of Riley's first pig tails but something happened to my camera and they all came out black! I hope it was a fluke. I've had this camera for a long time and really like it. I hope it isn't going to quit on me now.
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Aunt Belinda said...

These photos bring back some memories of a little girl named Cassidy who looked quite a bit like Riley. You used to get food all over you and I would help your mom give you a bath too. Riley is paying you back, how funny. She is adorable.