Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Survived WeeRuns!

My friend Andrea (mother of Jamie ~10months) and I stood in line to get into the weeruns pre-sale last night. She got there at 5:15 and the line was already getting long. I joined her about 5:30. About 5:45 the clouds started rolling in and it begin to sprinkle, then lightning, then it was pouring rain and finally some hail started coming down. It didn't deter the waiting crowd which was probably around 100 at that point. When my umbrella shocked me during the lightning I wondered if maybe this was crazy but as the pictures of my finds attest it was all worth it. I was most excited about the Elmo talking tool bench completely in working order and with tools. There were only 2 and I got one for $20. Amazon has them new for $299 since they don't make them any more. It is really cute. The kitchen was a steal at $5 and I found several other toys at good bargains. Andrea did well too. She got Jamie the same little gator ride-on that Carrie gave to Riley. We'll have to get some pictures of the girls cruising in style. All-in-all it was a much better experience than last time. We made it to the check-out before the line got out of hand and before we spent all of our money :)
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