Monday, January 28, 2008

Nursery Pics

Here are some pictures from the nursery. The rocker we have came from the Executive Inn in Louisville. Two years ago when we were there for the Farm Show they were remodeling and I think I bought the rocker for about $20. After a coat of paint and new cushions it looks pretty good although I had to endure Tim's harassment for buying for quite some time. The cradle was made by Tim's dad, David. It is made from cherry and maple. We were very thrilled to receive it as a Christmas gift. My parents bought the crib and brought it down after the New Year and put it together.
The armoire and changing table were my summer projects. I took several pictures of furniture I liked and put them together to make these two pieces. I call it my Diane Wagner Collection. A co-worker of mine's favorite vacation spots were near the beach and I always thought that sounded heavenly. I could imagine this furniture being in some beach-side cottage in Mexico. The fabric choices were based on the three pictures that Mom, Ashley and I found in Evansville at Thanksgiving. A trip to the Farmer's Store for matching fabric yielded the bed linens and curtains to match.

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